Orticolario 2019. Among the historical exhibitors with Premiata Tessitura TACS

Ph. by Luigi Fieni. Model: Fedua Mezzaoui

“(…) she wore a Casentino coat, orange and violent like the sun we would find in summer”
(M. Mazzantini, Non ti muovere)

A journey in a magical valley, through forests, medieval villages and the long tradition of the Casentino Cloth with the Premiata Tessitura TACS and their collection of clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

The exhibition space of Premiata Tessitura TACS is in Lario Wing (the number is indicated on the exhibitor map given at the entrance).

Premiata Tessitura TACS
Tessitura Panno Casentino
Stia (Ar)