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On the Darsena with “Universe” 2018

A Orticolario 2018 con "Universe" di Tentsile

Park, Darsena

A national preview at Orticolario.
It is the first tent in the world suited for three elements: air, water, earth.
Denominated Tentsile Universe, it floats on the waters of the Darsena.

Made by the same creators of the famous and award-winning Tree Tents, Tentsile Universe is a suspended tent with a hard and walkable floor and plenty of room inside and below it. It can be easily transformed into a ground tent that can accommodate up to five people, with three large openings and a padded and insulated floor, or into an incredibly stable SUP-style “raft” to relax on the river or lake.

Tentsile Universe was presented in a preview in June 2018 in Germany during the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen, the most important outdoor trade show, and was greatly acclaimed by the public, the press and the experts from the sector. It will be marketed worldwide starting March 2019.

No matter where you are or where you want to go, Tentsile Universe will take you wherever you want.

Exclusive Distributor in Italy
Tentsile Italia
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