“Ogni goccia è vita” (“Every drop is life”)

Ogni goccia è vita (Every drop is life)

DehOr B, Cernobbio wing

In a timeless garden … a symbolic rain is collected by vintage galvanized containers.
With unique pieces of research, among furniture and accessories, the setting of Il était une fois* interprets the Water Landscape and proposes suggestions and ideas for the living space and the garden.

source of life and beauty.
sitting on an old bench that has heard so many stories and passions,
in front of a lake,
near a stream,
in front of a waterfall,
in front of the sea and the oceans,
in front of a fountain,
in the middle of the garden among the drops of a summer storm.
Water flows ceaselessly,
Let’s recover it and give it to the earth.
Every drop is magic.
Every drop must be saved. 

Project by
Il était une fois*
Lurate Caccivio (Co)

*exhibitor: details space no. and position on Catalogue 2023