“Ode alla Mela” (“Ode to the Apple”)

The installation "Ode alla Mela" by Silvia Ghirelli for Orticolario 2023

Villa Antica | Central hall

“ […] I want to see gathered on its banks the world’s entire population united and reunited, in the simplest act we know: I want us to bite into an apple”
(Pablo Neruda)

A rain of apples descends into the Central Hall of the Villa Antica and remains suspended over picturesque  compositions inspired by famous still lifes.
The fruit of the Tree of Life is the protagonist of Frutti Antichi, Enzo Maioli’s extraordinary collection, which showcases ancient varieties in the installation by landscape architect Silvia Ghirelli. Apples, but also grapes, pears, pomegranates… fruits of all kinds: in the air, on the walls, among the treetops.

Project by
Silvia Ghirelli Paesaggista for Maioli Piante*
Albinea (Re)

Collection by
Maioli Piante*
Salvaterra (Re)

*exhibitor: details space no. and position on Catalogue 2023