“Musa Ventosa”

The concept

A hot-air balloon stops its expedition among the branches of the trees. The basket lies on tufts of Cortaderia and, like a large cornucopia, spills vegetables from distant journeys, fruits and vegetables not only useful for food, but also essential for creating gardens with low environmental impact.
In the scene, the sculpture of a globe depicting the planet earth shows in real time in which country or continent the sun is rising or setting.

Design and set up by
Il papavero blu . Longone al Segrino (Co) . TW: @robertoducoli . IG: @ilpapaveroblu


Sundials artisan
Giudici Giuseppe . Merone (Co) . orologisenzatempo.com

Events in the space

Sunday, October 6th
“Il viaggio e il volo”

from 12.00 p.m.
Characters in medieval costumes presents examples of birds of prey, as and specimens of American buzzards, barn owls, European eagle owls, scops-owls and American kestrels.

at 3.45 p.m.
History of Falconry on a journey through the world of birds of prey
The spectacular free flight of birds of prey
The presence of pets near the birds of prey is not recommended.

I Falconieri del Feudo
Merone (Co)

The Interview