“Move n’ meet”

MOVE N MEET by Mirco Colzani

The concept

Elements from different worlds and ages travel and meet.
In sculpture, the wood of non-native plants meets materials permeated by colours that change their appearance.
Plants of other times, such as Acanthus, Crocosmia, Reineckea, live in a contemporary space where nature meets cement. And finally the element of water, which with its constant movement is an indispensable carrier for the colonization of new environments by the vegetable kingdom.

Design and set up by
Mirco Colzani Garden Designer . Giussano (Mb) . mircocolzani.com


Set up
Fondazione Minoprio . Vertemate (Co) . fondazioneminoprio.it

Plants nurtured by
Vivai Cappellini . Carugo (Co) . cappellinipiante.it

Perennial herbaceous plants
Azienda Agricola Erbe e Fiori . San Paolo (Bs)

Metal works by
Grippi Anna & C . Erba (Co) . grippiannalattoneria.com

Stone chippings by
Fornace Fusari . Mariano Comense (Co) . fornacefusari.com

Attilio Tono . Milano . attiliotono.com

Space activities

Every day
The designer Mirco Colzani, some nursery farmers and students from the Minoprio Foundation will wait for visitors in Move n ‘meet and tell them how the garden was born, explain its design philosophy and reveal the secrets about its plants, providing advice on how to grow them successfully.

Only in some moments and unexpectedly …
The luckiest visitors can become carriers of small plants and seeds (while stocks last), transporting and planting them in other places, where they can grow and flourish, giving a little help to our planet.

The Interview