Merry Christmas
Ph. Luigi Fieni | Edit Anna Rapisarda

Best wishes with a gift to read and one to listen to

The custom of exchanging gifts at this time of the year has very ancient roots.
It dates back to the Roman Saturnalia, days dedicated to the god of agriculture and celebrated from 17 to 23 December, in which the abundance of the fruits of the earth and equality among men were celebrated with gargantuan banquets, games prohibited during the rest of the year and the exchange of gifts such as the sigilla, terracotta statuettes that were then arranged by children in miniature bucolic scenes.

When with Christianity the day of Jesus’ birth was established on December 25, this period of the year assumed a religious significance, while maintaining the tradition of the gift: God had given human beings his only Son to redeem them from evil, so giving and receiving gifts on the occasion of his coming became a symbolic gesture.

And now, take some time to read or listen to a fairy tale that “tastes like winter”, even if you don’t have children, you are not or do not go back to being children.

From Italian folklore, a contemporary fairy tale for those wishing to test themselves with Italian:
> Enjoy “Natalino O’ Pizzaiuolo”
from “Radio Fiabe” | Rai Radio Kids | RaiPlayRadio


From the Nordic landscapes of Hans Christian Andersen:
> Enjoy The Snow Queen 1 – Which Deals with a Mirror and Its Fragments – A Danish Fairytale — The Folktale Project
from “Folk tale project”

“Il regalo più bello. (The nicest gift) Storie di Natale” (Christmas Stories) Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi (Giulio Einaudi Editore, 2014)