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May 2017. Azalee satsuki at Chantilly…

A détail of ‘Perla del Verbano’ by Compagnia del Lago Maggiore.

Azaleas satsuki have a leading role within the installation “Reflets”. They travel from Lake Maggiore to Chantilly.

The summer bloom of the azaleas begins between May and June, later than traditional japonica ones.

The first satsukis were brought to Europe by Paolo Zacchera from California twenty years ago. They were only twigs, tucked in a wet newspaper. From that time onwards, the production, which has been in constant growth, exists only here, in the nursery appearing on the mountains of Lake Maggiore.

‘Haru no sono’, ‘Summer Sun’, ‘Nuccio’s Wild Cherry’, ‘Dorothy Hayden’, ‘Nuccio’s Lucky Charm’: these are the names of the azaleas varieties. Every year they present the garden with a gift of blossoming flowers coloured from white to pink to cherry red. They have thick corollas, resistent to sun and rain, as Paolo Zacchera teaches. The ‘Perla del Verbano‘, had been living and growing for over a century living on the shores of Lake Maggiore, before anyone thought to grow it in a nursery.

Compagnia del Lago Maggiore
Verbania Fondotoce (Vb)