Marco Rateni

Marco Rateni, Bachelor of Architecture

The Interview

What is the latest book have you red? What will be the next?
“About a boy” by Nick Hornby, a novel with interesting psychological analysis about an adult  still “immature” and about a teenager growing up.
Generally I prefer fantasy and travel letterature

Where will your next travel destination be?
Pennsylvania. It seems as I’m setting sail to the New World, searching for new opportunities and experiences. Above all my way of designing is born from images and emotions I live when I travel

What is you favourite colour?
My favourite colour is between turquoise and the aqua green. They are colours of the essence of nature: the green of vegetation, the blue of sky and sea

What is the plant you prefer?
The tilia tree. I can’t explain why of this choice, but the first time  I smelled its May inflorescence scent, I fell in love with it

Where would you live?
I’m really tied to my roots in Molise. I would  like to live in the wilderness, moreover I love to travel too. This means my first choice would be living almost everywhere.

What is your favorite historical era?
I’m so fascinated by the greatness of Rome and by the Samnites tenacity. I’m seduced by chivalric poems and by “Belle Epoque”. I sympathize for Beat generation movement and the Grunge of Seattle

In a few words, could you describe a scene portraying  “beauty and elegance”?
A woman, singing and daydreaming, is brushing her hair in front of a mirror, setting up for the “first appointment”

Over the centuries the Moon has represented different symbols and has charmed many cultures because of its several characteristics. What is the one fascinates you more?
I like to observe and admire the Moon from a beach by the sea, when it takes on a pink shade, mirroring on the water. I get serenity from it.

What is a garden for you?
It is a place from where we can start to connect again man and nature, from the growing baby to the old man returning child. It is a multi – sensory space