During the magic Saint John’s Eve


Osmunda cinnamomea

Ferns and Moon have been linked all along, thanks perhaps that mysterious and magic aura, soìurrounding those plants until the microscope arrival…

Before spores could be identified, indeed, no one didn’t ever understood how those plants could increase and it was thought the magic Saint John’s Eve would be the golden flowers blooming moment (who could be see them, would have incredible powers) and their seeds falling moment too. From them, new plants could grow.

The science solved the enigma and explained how ferns multiply: It happens thanks a particular system by which they give life actually to two generations to obtain the organism, nurtured by us for pleasure and for its beauty (but not only for that reasons)

Nevertheless, ferns are still connected with to mythology, to the divination, to magic and who knows them, makes good use of them to obtain beneficial effects.

the fact that in latin ‘fern’ (felce) and ‘happy’ (felice) were concepts described with the same word felix, is meaningful and shows how since ancient times those plants were considered great powerful living creature

Elisabetta Cavrini, GARDENStudio ‘il giardiniere goloso’