Laburnum forest
Ph. Anna Rapisarda

Rendezvous “Longing for Intelvi” with Vittorio Peretto

Video on the experience of the landscape-walkscaper Vittorio Peretto in the incredible, and unique in Europe, Foresta del Maggiociondolo (Laburnum forest) in the mountains of Lake Como. His is the pleasant pathology of “Longing for Intelvi”: it arises when walking becomes care of places and it feeds on paper and mental maps, as well as worn soles.

When you enter a wood, of which the Val d’Intelvi is rich, you walk on deer tracks, you discover hidden spots of green horsetails, you listen to the concerts of the roars and immerse yourself in the scent of laburnum …
It means going through time and finding gestures.

We never stop walking through these places, we learn about toponyms and remember them. Let us remember them, because memories, according to the ancients, have a special place in the heart (cor-cordis, from which to remember).

Continue on The Origin and find the sheet: if you open it, you will watch the video.

Sponsored by Elmec Solar, who chose Vittorio Peretto because …

Nature is a source of inspiration and its preservation is the greatest and most urgent task, all the more so in this historic moment. Elmec’s choices, such as that of changing the way of producing and consuming energy, follow the path shown by nature.

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