Leonardo Magatti 2017

Leonardo Magatti, garden designer
designs “Moonlight Garden” inside Spazio Archiverde

. Eupilio (Co) . archiverde.it

The Interview

What is the latest book have you red? What will be the next?
“Al giardino ancora  non l’ho detto” by Pia Pera
The next: “Il giardino che vorrei” by Pia Pera

Where will your next travel destination be?
Around Italy, discovering our beautiful country 

What is you favourite colour?

What is the plant you prefer?
Meadows Daisy

Where would you live?
I’m so lucky to live in Cernobbio… I really would live nowhere else

What is your favorite historical era?
I love the present

In a few words, could you describe a scene portraying  “beauty and elegance”?
Simplicity and strength of an hug contains both them

Over the centuries the Moon has represented different symbols and has charmed many cultures because of several characteristics. What is the one fascinates you more?
I’m fascinated by its endless changes, overall by everything can mutate, in any case preserving the beauty. The Moon is an example of that and invite you to admire its different shades

What is a garden for you?
The garden is a picture of life