Legendary landscapes: Sasso Rancio
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On Lake Como

Among the most panoramic, scenic and dangerous passages of the ancient Strada Regina, once also the only one allowing to reach the upper part of the lake by land, Sasso Rancio is a rough spur of ferruginous rock, near Menaggio.

The legend

An ancient local tradition tells that Noah’s Ark stood on that mountain.
The origin of the legend is told by Pier Ambrogio Curti in his “Lake Como and Pian d’Erba” of 1872:On that mountain, in the boulder, footprints of animals even 30 centimetres long were found, as well as crustaceans of antediluvian times: this was enough for the common people, always a lover of the marvellous, to dream that the ark of that patriarch had rested on this peak and not on Ararat”.

Pay attention, be careful, but treat yourself to this landscape