Legendary landscapes: Gallo Basilisco (Basilisk rooster)
Ph. Anna Rapisarda

On Lake Como

“Lombardy is a land of dragons”. It is said that in the landscape of Lake Como, perhaps right among its waters or on its mountains, a demon is wandering, a cousin of dragons, with peculiar features: the Basilisk rooster.

It is also known in Switzerland, where the inhabitants of the Mendrisio area call him gall-bisalesch.

The legend

It is gray, covered with scales, and is little larger than a green lizard.
Having the shape of a rooster with the tail of a dragon or the black wings of a bat, or the shape of a winged snake like a rooster, with a “horny crown on the head and along the back and on the tail a very hard saw crest”, it is said that the Basilisk rooster immobilizes its victims for hours with its eyes, enjoying the terror that it causes in them, without these being able to ask for help or lower their gaze to escape the curse.

How does it attract them?Whistling with its forked tongue. Then it bites them, injecting its deadly poison.
It is said that even a drop that fell during its flight would be enough to cause mysterious fires.

To protect yourself
Just plant sunflowers on the sides of the garden, the vegetable garden, the field, the terrace.

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