“La tavola di Lumière” by Il était une fois

Il était une fois
DehOr D, Cernobbio Wing

“La tavola di Lumière”

“Lumière’s table”

“Look at her… What if she is the one? The one who will break the spell?”
(Lumière in “Beauty and the Beast”, Disney 1991)

Il était une fois create a space that tells of their research and passion in making furnishings and accessories, settings and atmospheres combining vintage and modern for the living space and for the garden.

Welcome to the fairy tale.
Just go through the wooden door and take a seat in the dining room of the castle, where a maître skilfully set the table.
Candelabra, silver trays, plates, cutlery, goblets, glasses, perfumes, colours, lights, …
Time seems to have stopped, nature is enveloping space, prickly roses are entering through open windows and climbing mirrors and walls.
This is the place where a young girl taught the Beast to love again.

Project, furnishings and accessories
Il était une fois
Lurate Caccivio (Co)

Project partner, construction, iron/glass structures

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