″La Principessa Chiar-di-Luna″ by Alessandra Bray

“The Moonlight Princess” by Alessandra Bray
Ph. by Grazia Amelia Bellitta

DehOr C, Cernobbio Wing

“La Principessa Chiar-di-Luna”

“The Moonlight Princess”

The basis of the Avanzi (Scraps) brand by Alessandra Bray is cardboard, a material with a very low environmental impact, skilfully worked by the artist for her own production.
For Orticolario she was inspired by “Taketori monogatari”, the fairy tale of Princess Moonlight, and recreated a space where the protagonist is the light, illuminating everything without letting itself be possessed.

She presents the “Trasparenze” series, lamps with highly suggestive plays of light and shadows, inspired by to the ancient Japanese art of “Kiri-e”.

Project by
Alessandra Bray | Avanzi Cardboard Design
IG: @avanzi_cardboard_design

Luana Selmi | Lunas
IG: @luana selmi-lunas

Pavimenti De Filippi

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