“La Camera della Masca” by Marco Bellini

Works by Marco Bellini
DehOr B, Cernobbio Wing

“La Camera della Masca”

“The Room of the Masca”

Masca in Piedmontese means Witch.
Here we can choose to slow down, to read the history of humanity and remember ancient knowledge. Sacralising spaces, enriching the day with intimate rituals, linking memories to objects, be they basins, urns or soaring and material sculptures.

With an increasingly instinctual work, with a wood that is less and less shiny and more weathered, with ideas asserting themselves on technique, the Room will reconnect us to the distant past and recover relationships between us and others – human and non – living on earth.

Project and sculptures
Marco Bellini | Inu dō
Camino (Al)

Alina Chirila
Naples and Waterloo (Canada)

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