“Invito a cena con doccia” (“Dinner Invitation with Shower”)

Michelangelo Salvatore's paintings for Orticolario 2023

DehOr E | Lario Wing

“Dinner Invitation with Shower” is a house where design, nature, art and craftsmanship meet and mix.

The flowers of the artist Michelangelo Salvatore are the absolute stars of the space and bloom everywhere: on a plate, in a tablecloth on a table, in paintings on the walls, on an armchair. And then in the weaves of  a carpet, on a bag and on a shower curtain, which here becomes a symbol of the ‘presence and absence’ of water in our daily lives.

At their first public appearance, they are all one-of-a-kind pieces, ready to be experienced anywhere.

Project by
Michelangelo Salvatore

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