International Competition “Creative Spaces” 2020

Ph. Luciano Movio.

12th March , 2020

>Here are the Finalists of Orticolario 2020

31st Genuary 2020

The deadline for sending the application form has expired.

To whom it is addressed

Artists, landscapers, designers and all those who consider nature the protagonist and inspiration of their art, and who, at the discretion of the Creative Space Committee, can design and set up themed spaces during Orticolario

The purpose of the initiative

The purpose of the initiative is to identify innovative projects that present ideas, techniques and materials in line with the conditions, the aesthetic objectives and the quality standards of the event. The projects shall enhance and interpret the pre-existing landscapes applying creative freedom and material choices and with the possibility of using the most diverse languages and artistic/cultural references.

The projects selected by the Creative Spaces Committee will be exhibited in Villa Erba (Lake Como) during to Orticolario twelfth edition, in. 2nd-3rd-4th October 2020.
Every space
, unless otherwise stated by the Creative Spaces Committee, will compete for the “La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award and the other awards and special mentions.