“Infantia Mors Fabula”

Infantia Mors Fabula. Illustration by Mirko Quaglietta
Illustration by Mirko Quaglietta

Park, Piazza del Grande Prato

“Infantia Mors Fabula”

“I feel my purity, my heart, my inner self, my deep … trapped”

A creature, a metaphor for a child’s angry soul, that, flowing through the bowels of the earth, unconsciously moves today’s inattentive world, an impassive and undeterred reality.
Leaving the ground, it ideally discloses the subdued cry of stolen childhood. In front of it there is a trapped rocking horse.

Work entirely made with natural materials such as moss, vines, bamboo, various hydrangeas, Aspidistra and Magnolia leaves, roots and turf clods.

Project by
Mirko Quaglietta & il papavero blu
Cernobbio (Co)
IG: @ramographia.ink . @ilpapaveroblu

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