“Incantevole ondeggiare” by Ethimo

Swings of Ethimo at Orticolario 2020
Ph. by Stefano G. Pavesi

DehOr A, Cernobbio Wing

“Incantevole ondeggiare”

“Enchanting swaying”

Swinging, swaying, floating.
The design welcomes the body and the mind wandering lightly between enchantment and reality. The natural fibre intertwines, meets, embraces on a swing with essential features expressing contemporaneousness. Surrounded by nature, a romantic swaying like a dance that lets the mind wandering as if hypnotized by the beauty of the landscape, of the soul, of natural matter.

Project by
Milan . Rome . Viterbo . Paris . Cannes . Colonia . London

(details on space number and location on Catalogue 2022)

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