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In the Park with “Sabbia tra le dita” 2018

Sabbia tra le dita di Massimo Caporali a Orticolario 2018

In the Park, Golfo Platani

“Sand between fingers”

“At Pian di Spagna (near Colico) the frightful adventure of two Brianza hunters: the deadly fight with rifles against the crested monster that sank in the lake …”
(Il Corriere Comasco – November 18, 1946)

Lariosaurus is legend, history and reality. Among sightings, historical paintings and fossil findings, Massimo Caporali reinterprets in an artistic key this creature from the Como mythology emerging from the trees of the Golfo Platani.

Are you ready to get sand in your fingers and play marbles on the tail of the giant monster?

Designed and made by
Massimo Caporali

The installation will host marble competitions

The program:
Friday 5 4 p.m > 5 p.m; 5.30 p.m > 6.30 p.m
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 12 p.m  > 1 p.m. and 5.3m p.m > 6.30 p.m.