In the Park with “III WWW: World War Water”

“III WWW: World War Water” by Mirco Colzani at Orticolario 2023

Park| Piazza del Grande Prato

“III WWW”: a title and a provocation.
What if the third “World War” was nothing but a war for water?

Mirco Colzani signs a project that does not want to give an apocalyptic response to the great ecological issues of our times, but rather induce reflection, the search for solutions and why not, inspiring hope.

Plants teach us adaptation, they know how to interpret the climate and face the challenges it imposes.
This is demonstrated by the alien and native species which, for example, coexist in the Como woods but respond with different resilience, as happened in the dry summer of 2022.

The stylistic and botanical choices of “III WWW”
play on the edge of the initial provocation

Sinuous herbaceous masses, with a strong aesthetic impact, create an immediate contrast effect with the blackened trunks of dead trees and with dry plants of the same species. Life and death placed side by side, peace and war in direct contact, opposite symbols that meet.

The conclusions are left to the reflections of the observer

Should we get used to increasingly tropical plant landscapes?
Should we reverse course to halt climate change?
Or more simply should we observe nature which, better than us, knows how to answer the big questions?

Project by
Mirco Colzani | Vincitore Concorso Internazionale “Spazi Creativi” 2019
Giussano (Mb)

In collaboration with
Fondazione Minoprio*
Vertemate con Minoprio (Co)

*exhibitor: details space no. and position on Catalogue 2023