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In the Park with “Bus Garden”

At Orticolario 2019 with "Bus Garden" by Leonardo Magatti

Illustration by Leonardo Magatti.

The Park, lions entrance to Villa Antica

Everyone on board!
Outside the box and away from any known itinerary, the “Bus Garden” is ASF Autolinee’s travelling garden – design by Leonardo Magatti – that makes its first stop at Orticolario.
Symbol of the union between urban world and plant kingdom, it invites us to reflect on how indispensable an evolution of the man-nature relationship has become, and on how vital is the presence of plants in our cities and in our homes.

Climb aboard a garden to find yourself completely surrounded by plants, flowers and shrubs and imagine a journey on this new means of transport for our physical and mental well-being.

“Bus Garden” is an experience, a message, a story.

Designed and made by

ASF Autolinee

Leonardo Magatti | Vivai La Siepe
Montano Lucino (Co)