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In the Central Pavillion with “La nascita di Kaguya Hime”

In the Central Pavillion with "The birth of Kaguya Hime"

“Reincarnazione-Circolazione della vita. La nascita di Kaguya Hime”

“Reincarnation-Circulation of life. The birth of Kaguya Hime”

Inspired by the story of Kaguya Hime, the oldest in Japan, landscape architect Satoru Tabata | | 園 三 Enzo, winner of the 2016 Creative Spaces Competition, presents “Reincarnazione-Circolazione della vita. La nascita di Kaguya Hime” in a project that tells the mystery and dignified beauty of bamboo, symbolically linked to prosperity and reincarnation for its incredible power of growth and rebirth.

The protagonist of the story is Princess Kaguya. Found inside a bamboo, she comes from the moon, a place free from all suffering. On Earth, however, life is the circularity of life and death, with its pains and joys. In the heart of the Central Pavilion, there is a garden where the lunar and terrestrial landscape coexist.


Project by
Satoru Tabata | 園三 Enzo
Gifu Prefecture (Japan)

Coordination, project and execution
Vaprio Zanoni | Green Design*
Casalpusterlengo (Lo)

Fondazione Minoprio*
Vertemate con Minoprio (Co)

Art installations
Barbara Crimella

Art installations
Marta Fumagalli and Riccardo Pirovano | Jukai

Lighting and sound system by
Laveno Mombello (Va)

Ground coverings by
Saini Natale
Casatenovo (Lc)

Plants nurtured by
Brianza Vivai
Agrate Brianza (Mb)

Turf by
Az. Agr. Acerbi Massimo
Cavenago Brianza (Mb)

Wood flooring
En Plein Air
Republic of San Marino

In the garden

Site-specific installation

“We are given the honour of telling the heart of the fairy tale through our installation, namely the birth of Princess Kaguya, the exact moment in which the fate of the elderly bamboo cutter and his family changes forever”. (Jukai)

Crossing the earthly and lunar landscape featuring groves of bamboo and gravel, every visitor to the garden participates in the thrill of the discovery and birth of Princess Kaguya. This event is represented through a luminous heartbeat coming from the bamboo forest and a diffused sound beat.

* exhibitor (see map)