“Il Ritorno al Bosco Incantato”

Orticolario 2022. Spazio Creative Space n°5 "Il Ritorno al Bosco Incantato"

The concept

It is difficult not to name an enchanted forest when telling a fairy tale. It is the place of experience and teaching, of getting lost and finding oneself again. It is the metaphor of a hostile nature, but also generous with teachings useful for growth. Spiteful with the wicked, it offers protection for the pure souls of children.
The landscape of this garden is truly an enchanted forest, a space protected by oaks and bushes. At the centre, something precious will allow the protagonists to overcome difficulties.
A return to the enchanted forest to recover the formative power of nature.

Project by
Sgaravatti Group . Capoterra (Ca) . sgaravattigroup.it

The interview