“Il respiro dell’acqua” (“The water breath”)

Davide Dell'Osso's installation at Maniace Castle - Ortigia
Detail of the installation by Davide Dall’Osso at Castello Maniace in Ortigia

Cernobbio Wing| Patio dei Faggi

The rhythmic sound of the waves, the sound of the rain, the flow of a source of water, are vital presences when man is in search of inner peace.

Galleria GALP presents the installation “The water breath” by the artist Davide Dall’Osso, who leads towards a personification of water through the elegance of his subjects: dancers who, with their bodies, change the measured rhythm into movement.
By observing them, inhaling and exhaling, one becomes part of a great wave that grows and decreases. Lulled by this dance, one feels at one with the work and the world around.

Sustainability and circular economy are essential themes in the works of the artist, who reuses the industrial waste of polycarbonate and Plexiglas for their creation.

Project by
Galleria GALP
Olgiate Comasco (CO)