Special events

In Hortus Varietas and synergistic orchard

In Hortus Varietas” is a project whose thematic focus revolves around a dynamic orchard, which uses natural methods of cultivation and synergies among plants, hence giving benefits one to the other. A suitable habitat is created inside the orchard soil through microbes and without any kind of machine or chemicals.

The fundamental point is to join together the Leguminosae or Fabaceae families (for ex. pees,lentils,beans,…) with Lilianaceae families (onions,garlic,chive,…), along with common vegetables in between: the first group of plants promotes growth of nitrogen fixer bacteria, while the second group has preventive insecticide and fungicidal capabilities.
In this way it promotes the growth of microbial flora without utilizing chemical enhancements of any type, which however could be necessary additions to poor soils. Plants themselves will fertilize the soil, once their productive cycle is concluded due to the “terreno baulato” technique: the soil is shaped curving outwards, like a donkey’s back from which its name comes, regulating the flow of water and the correct degree of porosity or ground density.

Beatrice Lampugnani from Floricultura Lampugnani Walter in Orsenigo (Como) will collaborate with Vittorio Peretto for the “in Hortus Varietas” project, presenting the synergistic orchard as a social aggregation method for anyone, alongside a garden therapy workshop.