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General Programme of 2016

Programma Orticolario 2016

Ph. Dario Fusaro

Orticolario will present a wide programme for this edition also:
meetings, floral and botanical exhibitions, book presentations, children workshops, and more…

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Among speakers

Stefano Mancuso is founder of neuro-vegetal biology and executive director of LINV, Laboratorio Internazionale di Neurobiologia Vegetale (International Laboratory of Neuro-Vegetal Biology), and included in the “New Yorker” prestigious world changers list. He will speak about a common prejudice that is: plants are insensitive, are immobile and passive.

Francesco Ferrini is tenured Professor of Arboriculture and President of the Florence University School of Agriculture.

Francesco Mati, a businessman working in the field of plants and gardens with his family since 1909, he will speak about “Amore per il giardino e l’odio verso le piante: ossimoro o realtà?” (Love for garden and hate for plants: oxymoron or reality?), explaining what really means hating plants and how not so rare is a behaviour like this.

Marco Martella is founder of Jardins (éditions du Sandre) and writer for the publishing company Ponte alle Grazie, he will guide us through a journey in history among garden gods.

Tiziano Fratus is a poet and a writer for famous publishing companies such as Mondadori, Feltrinelli and Laterza. He will present his new book “L’Italia è un giardino” (Italy is a garden), third of the trilogy “Trilogia delle bocche monumentali” published by Laterza.