Archive 2017

The Garden “Le due Lune” 2017

In the Garden, Villa Antica Park

The Moon is connected with Romanticism and ancient rituals. It is a symbol of solitude and introspection, but also of celebration and harmony, as it was used during the full moon of Esbat, pagan sacred rituals, consecrated to maternity.

The two Moon are terrestrial and celestial respectively. The ascending first one is a green path, make you lost yourself; the waning second one is an ethereal lunar landscape whom sacredness inundates the soul. They gaze each other, while, in this way,  they became stronger and stronger, being at least a circling full moon.

The garden calls upon you to enter, following before, among fuchsias and the water, the terrestrial path , after the terse lunar landscape to lie down and rest.

Project by
Pierluigi Ratti Paesaggista

In cooperation with
Francesca Bernasconi, Davide Curcio, Giovanni Menta, Sonia Monti

Plants nurtured by
Erwin Gardens
Lugano (Switzerland)

Realisation by
Floricoltura Lorenzini
Gazzada Schianno (Va)

Furniture by
Lo Studio
Faenza (Ra)

Light by
Rodengo Saiano (Bs)