Fuchsia, between amatory and daring travels

Fuchsia ‘Tyrol’

In the year of Fuchsia

She let loose into amatory and daring travels, leaving space to the imagination of unaware, young, and healthy gardeners.

The grace of a pink Fuchsia is a gift for a beautiful and shameless woman.

The pleasantness of orange fuchsias is advantageous for those women that have to find out hidden talents to compete with lookers: that are elegance, strength, finesse.

The fragility of the simple Fuchsia flower is necessary to remind passionate men that daintiness and lightness are virtues essential for both women and friends.

The two-coloured Double Fuchsia flower with its violet and pink petals, was born for those who nurtured love as a dream or a discipline.

All fuchsias are waiting with their petal-like sepals, waxy and oozing colours, their protruded stamens. They are waiting for blooming.

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