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Food courts & Restaurants 2022

Food courts and Restaurants 2022

Ph. by Luigi Fieni

Restaurants, food courts and bars in the Park and in the exhibition centre
Indicated on the map given to visitors: from street food to lunch in the villa, in front of the lake, from breakfast to an aperitif during sunset.
With proposals also for vegetarians and people with food intolerances.

Lario Wing

New in 2022
E. “Essenze e Consistenze”
Serra Lario and Park

The Ristorante Gardenia, 1 Michelin Star and 1 Green Star, with a proposal of dishes with unique flavours, including spontaneous herbs and raw materials of the highest quality.
Breakfasts, unusual salads and gourmet sandwiches for lunch and floral aperitifs.
In the external space: “Ortofritto”, a delicious walking bag with crunchy vegetables, sweets and fruit inspired by Piedmontese mixed fried food.
Ristorante Gardenia |

N. “Gelati bio, centrifugati e frullati”

Ice creams with particular, organic and exclusive flavours such as strawberry grapes, white gooseberries with an intense and decisive fragrance, raspberry with orange and organic Pinot, currants with nettles, wild berries with lime and apple, smoothies and shakes.
Gelateria Rossetti |

B. Bar

Bar service: for a quick break with sandwiches and snacks. Proposals also for vegetarians and people with food intolerances.
Visconti Banqueting |

Cernobbio Wing

New in 2022
A. “Tenuta Botanica greenExperience”
Serra Cernobbio and Park

“Gastronomia Botanica PioppoTremulo” and “Tenuta de l’Annunziata” together with Orticolario for a journey into nature and to tell a dream territory with fairytale dishes: an innovative vegetable menu based on flowers, fruits and wild herbs that satisfies all the senses.
Gastronomia Botanica PioppoTremulo |
Tenuta de l’Annunziata |

C. Bar

Bar service: for a quick break with sandwiches and snacks. Proposals also for vegetarians and people with food intolerances.
Visconti Banqueting |


New in 2022
D. “Risotteria cromatica pavese”

No-stop colour risotto in an autumn colour palette from beetroot fuchsia to pumpkin yellow and mint green, …
Visconti Banqueting |

M. “PatataSpritz” with New in 2022 “Monsieur Baguette”

Mobile station among the trees to sip Spritz Aperol and Hugo, as well as the opportunity to taste the “Apatatas”: artisanal fried potatoes made with Maldon salt.
“Monsieur Baguette”: selection of four baguettes filled with raw materials of the highest level.
Rossodisera |

New in 2022
F. “Chioschetto del picnic”
Gazebo a Lago, Via alla Darsena

A tasty picnic in an unusual wooden basket.
Small handmade sweet and savoury dishes, to be savoured wherever you want in the park The container is not to be thrown away, because it can be reused in many ways.
Incomincia per c |

New in 2022
L. “La dispensa in serra”

From the sixty-third step in the heart of the village of Bellagio, the Dispensa 63 team, with chefs Francesco Leoni and Marco Fazzini, arrives in Orticolario with a cuisine made o fresh and seasonal ingredients containing notes of travels and experiences. An “on the go” lunch to be enjoyed in the park with a complete box to be discovered.
Dispensa 63 |

O. “Gelati artigianali”
Via alla Darsena

Artisan ice creams, naturally gluten-free, produced without additives, only vegetable fibres, for an ever shorter, cleaner label.
Inspired by the protagonists of the 2022 edition, Gelateria Guidi has created the Orticolario taste.
Gelateria Guidi | FB: Gelateria Guidi

Villa Antica

New in 2022
H. “Terrazza Visconti”
Lakeside terrace

Aperitifs and tailor-made dishes with a small food and beverage tasting menu.
Visconti Banqueting |

New in 2022
G. “Visconti Bistrot”
Internal rooms

Colours, scents, taste in a creative buffet with fresh products balanced from a nutritional point of view with medicinal, floral and bamboo contaminations.
Visconti Banqueting |

New in 2022
I. “Gourmet Priveé”

In front of the lake, an exclusive experience in the elegant Breton-inspired Privée tents surrounding the Darsena: crudités of water, earth and vegetables.
Booking online soon
Visconti Banqueting |

*born from the collaboration between Ethimo and Orticolario