“Folle è l’uomo che parla alla luna. Stolto chi non le presta ascolto”

Detail of the table “Texom” . Thempra

In Cernobbio Wing

“Era notte che in lacrime il cuore contava le stelle…”: this is one of the verse which has inspired the idea underneath of  Thempra outdoor, a collection of precious and elegant works and furniture, made with a specific kind of brass, showing an exquisite craftsmanship. A collection devised for nocturnal garden, where the moonlight and the light of fire is reflected off every work.

The garden and the night are inspiration for “Folle è l’uomo che parla alla luna. Stolto chi non le presta ascolto”: an aglow fucsia Moon with its colours is reflected off the spring “Khundra” with its moving waters. It is reflected off the surface of new table “Texom” . Exactly that Moon, fuchsia, is designed by the artist Sonja Quarone, the same Moon created and mould through a resins and natural pigments personal use.

Design by
Green Design
Casalpusterlengo (Lo)
FB: FB: GREEN Design Italy

The artist of the fucsia Moon
Sonja Quarone
Vigevano (Pv)

Thempra collection by
Daniele Sozzi

Plants nurtured by
Soc. Agricola Brianza Vivai 
Agrate Brianza (Mb)

Thempra collection craftsman
San Nazzaro (Pc)