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Exhibitions in Villa Erba Wings 2016

Installazioni nelle Ali a Orticolario2016

Installation “Pergolato di Dioniso” at 2013 Orticolario. Ph. Dario Fusaro

“Il bosco di camelie”
“Camellias forest”

Lario Wing

Camellia japonica reveals itself in an entwine of long and sinuous branches, with its asleep flowers during the autumn period.
These are the plants to which Vanessa Diffenbaugh gives the meaning my destiny is in your hands in her book “The language of flowers”, inspiring a thought beyond floral messages: the importance of care and respect of the green world.

Big spherical azaleas seem to be imprisoned in their geometrical shape inside Platani greenhouse (Lario Wing), but in the end they tell us this story: the passion of a gardener for his plants.
Among the azaleas lies the chair “Rolo” designed by Giulio Iacchetti and realised by InternoItaliano, reinterpreting a classic director chair and making of it a refuge.

Plants nurtured by
Compagnia del Lago Maggiore
Verbania Fondotoce (Verbania)

In Serra Platani with chairs “Rolo” of

“Boschiglio Intricante”
“Entangled Woods”

Cernobbio Wing

Across the threshold of a fantastic world, inhabited by creatures and surrounded by primal and wild nature.
The magic inside the installation Boschiglio Intricante by Lino Stefani is the transformation of the essence into a painter stroke, while the walkway changes from a real path into something imaginary where plants world and human world relate one with the other.

With the illustrations of
Lino Stefani

In collaboration with
Mantero Seta

“Via della seta”
“Silk road”

Regina Wing

The “Silk road” pays homage to the precious fibre with Morus alba ‘Tortuosa’ , with their gnarled branches, showing off completely naked and alternating with other more “discrete” specimens dense foliage.

Trees provided by
Nespoli Vivai
Carugo ( Como)

Exhibitions in Villa Erba Wings are realised in collaboration with 
Istituto Professionale dei Servizi per l’Agricoltura “San Vincenzo”
Albese con Cassano (Como)

Fondazione Minoprio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Como)