Events 2022. Walk “Bamboo. The plant of the future”

Chimonobambusa purpurea. Ph. Thomas Froese

Chimonobambusa purpurea. Ph. Thomas Froese

Saturday October 1st
3.00 pm

Sunday October 2nd
2.00 pm

Chat and tasting of bamboo herbal tea in Spazio Gardenia + A walk in the Park among the bamboo collections
The event will take place also in case of bad weather

with Lorenzo Bar, President of AIB Associazione Italiana Bambù, Thomas Froese, honorary President and Marianna Zilati, chef

A meeting among bamboos, plants that grow so fast and have a magnificent ability to adapt to the climate and the soil, and also have many “magical” powers: they improve the quality of air, soil and water. They are “giant herbs” with which bridges are made, cosmetics, paper, infusions, pharmaceutical products are produced … They have a long tradition in China and Japan. And in Italy? The species that adapt and grow well, from south to north, to the islands, are half of those existing.

Suitable for small and large gardens, terraces and interiors, they have unimaginable colours: from the genera Sasa, Sasaella, Hibanobambusa, which show off a green colour in many shades, from yellow to cream and white to Pleioblastus viridistriatus ‘Auricoma’ which shines gold in the sun.
And then they move in unexpected geometries, as in the rare and variously striped and coloured Tetragonocalmus quadrangularis ‘Suow’ with a square stem section or in the Phyllostachis aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’ which grows in a zig-zag pattern.
From a giant like Phyllostachys vivax f. aureocaulis ‘Huangwenzhu’, green with egg-yellow streaks, which can reach 16 metres, to the dwarf Pleioblastus pygmaeus ‘Distichus’, the smallest in the world, one step in the 2022 collection is enough to feel immersed in a fairy tale.

At the end of the chat, before the walk, you will taste a bamboo herbal tea together with chef Marianna Ziliati.

Subject to availability
Duration: 1h (25′ Chat + 15′ Tasting + 25′ Walk)
Meeting: Spazio Gardenia (Cernobbio WIng)
Equipment required: umbrella in case of bad weather
It is necessary to comply with the current regulations on Covid 19 safety and prevention

AIB | Associazione Italiana Bambù
La Morra (Cn)

Marianna Zilati
Castel Rozzone (BG) .