Events 2022. Rendezvous “Cammina, cammina”

Illustration by Vittorio Peretto

Saturday October 1st
12.30 am

Spazio Gardenia, Cernobbio Wing

with Francesco Careri, architect, university professor and author, and Vittorio Peretto, landscape architect and lifeblood of Orticolario

We will start from the book “Walkscapes. Walking as an aesthetic practice” by Francesco Careri because by walking we can create paths, then maps, interior and drawings, geographies, to relate to nature, internalize it and make it landscape.

We will start with fairy tales in which it is the act of walking that initiates the narration and the discovery of new scenarios that “must be dreamed before being seen”.
And we will arrive at the garden, which is often the arrival point of the wandering, the oasis, the ideal to strive for, the place of peace, meditation, epiphany. A paradeisos in the desert, among the paths of the world.
To rebuild, to rebuild oneself.

Francesco Careri

Vittorio Peretto | Hortensia

Subject to availability
Duration: 1h
Meeting place: Spazio Gardenia, Cernobbio Wing
It is necessary to comply with the current regulations on Covid 19 safety and prevention