“Equilibrio on the rock” by Luca Degara

"Equilibrio". Luca Degara and Vetrogiardini
“Equilibrio” Madreperla

Golfo Platani, Lario Wing

“Equilibrio on the rock”

“Balance on the rock”

In the incredible context of Golfo Platani, inside the Japanese garden of Yasuo Kitayama, the art-designer Luca Degara presents a preview of the Equilibrio model in the “on the rock” version. A seat conceived listening to the “spirit of the place” where it is inserted, and on which you can experience the balance, the meeting between a cantilevered glass plate and a stone.
It looks like it was born there. It has always been there, in a perfect timeless Equilibrio (balance).

Designed and made by
Luca Degara
Ledro (Tn)

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