Entrances and car parks

Orticolario 2018
5th -6th -7th October 2018


Entrata Visconti
L.go Luchino Visconti 4
Cernobbio (Co)
Visitors to Orticolario 2018 will be welcomed by a work by the artist Nicola Salvatore, the sculpture “Carillon Vanitas”. 3.50 m high and made of iron and enameled steel, it is linked to the theme of play and dedicated to the whale. This work full of irony and a little melancholic condemns man’s stupid and insensitive greed which threaten the survival of this great animal.

Entrance from the dock
You can arrive at Orticolario sailing the LakeComo, go ashore directly at Villa Erba dock
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Car parks

Parking areas available are 8: You can choose between 5 free parking and 3 pay and display parking.
A shuttle bus is available from/ to distant parking and from/to Villa Erba.
The parking areas map: