“Efesto” by Francesco Mazzola

Brazier Efesto by Francesco Mazzola
Park, Via alla Darsena



Crossing the depths of the lake, rising to the surface, Hephaestus, prince of blacksmiths, comes out of the abyss and arrives among mortals.

From a tongue of fire, its element, the spark of the oldest fairy tale in the world was lit: “The blacksmith and the devil”.
In his honour, Francesco Mazzola designs and creates the shapes of a large brazier with contemporary lines.
Elegant furniture and “seat of the meeting and the story”, the ideal place to inspire the irresistible and millennial understanding between the narrator and the listener born around the fire

Project by
Francesco Mazzola | FDM F.lli Mazzola | iFlame
Capriate San Gervasio (Bg)
fdm.it | iflame.it

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