Design with “Wundercamera, ovvero la stanza delle meraviglie”

DehOr D, Cernobbio Wing

Wundercamera, or the chamber of wonders

Wundercamera, or the chamber of wonders
As in a treasure hunt, Wundercamera Creative Interiors recreate the amazement caused by the discoveries of the imaginary monk Ilarione Scamaccia Luvarà of the Dukes of Ardore.
A journey through the naturalistic objects that in the 17th century populated the rooms of wonders, where the nobles loved to play and amaze their guests.
The evolution would bring the Wunder Camera to be today’s Natural History Museum.

Wundercamera Creative Interiors is the result of the collaboration of a group of professionals, who combine their skills to express their creativity, taste and sense of beauty. The goal is to create or give new life to these objects that come from ancient collections or are produced from scratch, according to the traditional Wunder Camera techniques.
These objects still arouse wonder and amazement in those who observe them and become objects of Interior Design.

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