Design with “Un’isola in giardino”

Orticolario 2019. Design with "Un'isola in giardino"

DehOr C, Cernobbio Wing

“Un’isola in giardino”
(An island in the garden)

HBCL – Hallucinated Balloons design and create indoor and outdoor spaces using precious materials.
At Orticolario 2019 they will present the preview of an outdoor kitchen island, in which style and functionality merge and where the metal essential lines contrast and play with the natural forms of Bole signed wood.

The island is in a garden and around it there is the world, with distant cities and countries. A journey from home to what we would like to reach and explore, trespassing and discovering new horizons.
On the island, the fire element of the integrated brazier by Ak47 Design warms and creates the perfect atmosphere, in line with environment and nature, our inspiring muse of which too often we forget the strength that is above ours.

Welcome to “Un’isola in giardino”.

Project by
Claudio Pellencin
Cernobbio (Co)

Furnishing by
HBCL – Hallucinated Balloons
Cernobbio (Co)

Brazier by
Ak47 Design
Olginate (Lc)