Design with “The Sage Temple”

The sage temple a Orticolario 2018

DehOr G, Lario Wing

From Chantilly to Villa Erba.
After the successful“Journées des Plantes de Chantilly” in spring, “The Sage Temple” will be at Orticolario 2018 in an autumnal version.
A temple with its clear lines to celebrate the sacredness and the magic of Salvia, which lives here in vertical gardens and invites you to listen to its voice
Endless thoughts lead you through an introspective journey on the relationship between man and nature.
Hidden from prying and profane eyes, the oracle in the center of the temple will accompany the traveler in an infinite vortex towards the center of the Earth.

Sages, the guardian deities of the temple

Officinalis. The mother of all sages.
Purpurea. With brown leaves. The most aromatic sage.
Tricolor. With rose-white and green leaves. The most contemporary sage.
Icterina. With rough and corporeal leaves. Sweet and vaguely alcoholic perfume.

Organized by

Project by
OLO creative farm
FB: OLO creative farm

Sage nurtured by
Vigo Gerolamo
Albenga (Sv) |

Voices of the sages by
Music of the plants
Vidracco (To)

Structure by
Francesco Mazzola | FDM F.lli Mazzola | iFlame
Capriate San Gervasio (Bg) |

Marangoni Design

Cable radio system by
Laveno Mombello (Va)