Design with “Superfici, foglie e tessuti: omaggio all’Art Decò”

Lariosaurus Design a Orticolario 2018

DehOr B, Cernobbio Wing

“Surfaces, leaves and fabrics: a tribute to Art Deco”

The reinterpretation of Sage in a view inspired by Art Deco.
Colors, leaves textures and plant varieties find a new expression in the decoration of surfaces, fabrics and installations.
Cement, resins and yarns play with imagination and generate two different creative worlds: a dream space, where imagination dares and is free to express itself in different artistic languages as the first part of the creative process.
And a real space – a living room where ideas are transformed into design of objects and handmade home and garden accessories, which are modular and interchangeable depending on taste and imagination.

Project by
Lariosaurus Design
Faggeto Lario (Co)

Fabrics design by
Silent Trees
Erba (Co)
FB: Silent Trees – Barbara Montefusco

Composition of plants by
Eleonora Bassi
Mariano Comense (Co)
IG: bassiflor_piante_e_fiori

Textile sculpture by
Tatiana Mureddu
Berlin (Germany)
IG: looking.for.strawberries