Design with “Lèggere leggerezza”

Swings of Ethimo at Orticolario 2020
Ph. by Stefano G. Pavesi

DehOr A, Cernobbio Wing

Lèggere leggerezza
– Lightness reading –

Swinging, swaying, floating.
The design seduces the body, cuddles it and takes it in. The natural fibre intertwines, meets, embraces on a swing with essential features expressing contemporaneousness.

Surrounded by nature, the body lightly rocks, a romantic swaying like a dance that lets the mind wandering as if hypnotized by the beauty of the landscape, of the soul, of natural matter.

Project by
Milano . Rome . Cortina d’Ampezzo . Viterbo . Paris . Cannes

(details on space number and location on Catalogue 2020)

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