Design with “Junk Town”

Vittorio Peretto con "Junk Town" a Orticolario 2018

“The composition of space and light has a strong emotional impact on me, and can be as enlightening as immersion in a perfectly constructed story”
(Barry Lopez, Una geografia profonda)

DehOr F, Lario Wing

A reflection on the use of resources, waste recycling and unscrupulous development.
A clue: darkness and light and darkness and light. Spying between warp and weft leads to discovery.

Project by
Vittorio Peretto | Hortensia

Fabrics by
Mantero Seta

Sound Door Experience

Special thanks to

Ministudio | Architect Michela Viola. Lighting Designer
Travacò Siccomario (Pv)
FB: Michela Viola

Sassuolo (Mo)