Design with “Il giardino di Eva, la Mela del desiderio”

DehOr F, Lario Wing

“Il giardino di Eva, la Mela del desiderio”
(The garden of Eve, the Apple of desire)

Henry David Thoreau wrote: “It is remarkable how closely the history of the Apple-tree is connected with that of man.”

The apple embodies the sense of desire and follows since time immemorial a common path with man.
It is the fruit of knowledge and to know one must bite, dare, travel and discover the new sensations that art and beauty can transmit, allowing us to improve ourselves and what is surrounding us.

With Eve, the garden is a meeting place for man, nature, art and beauty.
An alternative way to create new worlds and spaces through a fruit that is familiar to us and becomes sculpture, holding within itself the history of that common path which has begun since time immemorial.
All this in the DehOr “Il giardino di Eva, la Mela del desiderio”

Designed and made by
William Zanotto
Asolo (Tv)

Plants nurtured by
Marco Lovisetto Vivai
Loria (Tv)

Wallpaper by
Creative Space
Este (Pd)