Design with “Il cammino del viandante”

Design con "Il cammino del viandante"

DehOr D, Cernobbio Wing

Design with “Il cammino del viandante”
(The wanderer’s journey)

Ceramica Baldanza presents “Il cammino del viandante”, the romantic idea of going from one place to another, aware that a domestic space belongs to us. A scenario on a human scale, where design becomes emotional, liveable and transformed.

Vases, plates, tableware and garden cachepots, enhanced by a harmony expressed with a simple and passionate language arising from the relationship with the earth and rethought through the wanderer, a figure capable of geotransformation and who gathers small fruits, a symbol of certainty towards life.
The collaboration with the artist Cristiana De Pedrini stages a landscape inspired by balance and knowledge.

Project by
Ceramica Baldanza

Pictures by
Cristiana Depedrini