Design with “Gioco d’Intrecci”

Giochi d'Intrecci a Orticolario 2018

 DehOr A, Cernobbio Wing

“Intertwining play”

“Giochi di intrecci” embrace design in full harmony with nature.
Large handwoven rope walls create discreet transparencies, concealing iconic seats with a sophisticated now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect.
Vertical panels with timeless charm and creative elegance give life to intimate areas, where the intertwining speaks of contemporary craftsmanship, emphasizing the beauty of the material in a concept of folk art design.
A suggestive tale that emphasizes the personality of each element, capable of changing appearance thanks to the skillful ability to weave the rope loosely or tightly. Chairs and armchairs are immediate metaphors of comfort and functionality and the beauty of their essential profiles is preserved. The large baskets and the rugs, made using the ancient bobbin lace technique, customize the most intimate corners and emphasize the completely new material combinations.

Project by
Milano . Roma . Torino . Viterbo . Parigi . Cannes

In cooperation with
UN pizzo
Cantù (Co)