Design with “About Biophilic Design”

DehOr B, Cernobbio wing

Michieli Floricultura present
“Tillandsia WALL Breathing Cloud”
and the new line “True Green” in cooperation with True Design

New forms for the traditional vertical garden thanks to Tillandsia, the epiphytic plants which are the ideal solution for composing surfaces, contaminating objects and embellishing environments.
With the green-silver foliage, the  different textures and the unexpected colour accents, “Tillandsia WALL” will enhance any surface, integrating the design of furnishings and spaces.
The nomadic character of the plants creates temporary sceneries that will improve the quality of the air and the rooms, according to the principles of Biophilic Design.

Design, nature and innovation for a new way of living, through sustainable solutions requiring a very low maintenance and featuring a refined style.
To bring people, wherever they are, back into contact with an amazing nature, thus allowing them to enjoy its benefits.

Designed and made by
Paolo Michieli & Roberta Filippini
with the plants of
Michieli Floricultura
Vescovana (Pd)

In cooperation with
True Design
Sant’Elena (Pd)