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Design 2017

In Cernobbio Wing and Lario Wing

DehOr. Design your Horizon

DehOr is new point of view, new physical and imaginary horizon where the space surrounding us is a continual inspiration
Orticolario grows: “DehOr”  is born, where design lives together and converses with nature, becaming an invitation to design again our personal horizons.

We are moving to an idea of garden more and more universal, described not only as an beautiful enclosed private space, but as a lifestyle. Boundaries between outdoor and indoor do not exist any more, because garden is cosmic, innovative, evocative from now on.

In Cernobbio Wing
> “Relax ad alta quota”. Project by Ethimo
> Relaxing Oasis  “Profumo di legno” to relax along the way. Project by Riva 1920
> “Tillandsia WALL / Moon Gate” . Project by Michieli Floricoltura
> “Black Moon”. Project by Marco Gaviraghi Calloni
> “Folle è l’uomo che parla alla luna. Stolto chi non le presta ascolto” . Project by Green Design

In Lario Wing
“Dialoghi”. Project by Paolo Mezzadri
> “Moon” and “Fucsia” . Project by UN pizzo
> “Ogni cosa è illuminata” . Project by Vittorio Peretto | Hortensia